Safety and Protection

HygieneAir works to Safe Guard and Protect Your Family, Your Colleagues, Customers and Consumers from illness by preventing the spread of harmful viruses, bacteria and germs.

Air Disinfectant Solution

HygieneAir is the ideal air disinfectant that disinfects and deeply cleanses the air that you breath.


• Prevents the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.

• Kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria including odour causing bacteria, on both hard and soft surfaces and objects and items.

A Safe Solution

HygieneAir uses chlorine dioxide disinfecting ingredient.

• Is a safe and environmentally friendly product
• It does not leave harmful residue in the environment
• It does not produce drug resistant viruses or bacteria.
• It is an approved non toxic, non harmful to humans and pets.
• Is alcohol free
• Allows us to dispense with the need to use harmful and harsh chemicals including those as bleach.

The Credentials

CIO2 is recognised as an ideal agent for disinfecting, sterilizing and deodorizing by:-
• The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
• The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); and
• The World Health Organisation (WHO)

The Uses

It is safely used in many industries and for many purposes, including :-
• Medical and health care
• Food processing
• Environmental, industrial recycling water and sewage treatment.

The Deadly Duo

HygieneAir is our powerful eco friendly disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer.

We combine HygieneAir with the use of our cutting edge powerful smart technology diffusers so that it can be effectively and effciently diffused into your personal air space, enabling every inch of air space to be disinfected and deeply cleansed.

The power and strength of HygieneAir kills 99.99% viruses, bacteria and germs within your surrounding enclosed air space, quickly and effectively.

About Us

UniqScent Provides :-
* Air diffusing expertise and consultancy with your needs in mind to achleve the best results.
* Cutting edge smart technology to bring everyday reliable fully automated, powerful, efficient and effective disinfecting, sanitising the air environment in your home or business at your convenience.
* Powerful eco friendly HygleneAir disinfectant to eliminate the pathogens in your air.

For the safer and cleaner environment, a peace of mind knowing the air you are breathing is protected by HygieneAir.
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