Building The Future

Smell is a powerful receptacle in the range of human senses. When we experience something displeasing; sight, hearing and touch can be physically repelled or covered to protect these senses.

Smell is by far much more penetrable to experience and memory because smelling is intertwined with breathing; the most essential sustenance to life itself.

When you want to enrich your product experience for your customers, applying smell and scent is in fact the most logical, direct and primary engagement channel in making the experience happen for your customers.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, gaining advantage over competitors is the key to any company’s success. Using scent is a powerful tool for your business, not only does it deliver a dynamic and enriching customer engagement experience but it also contributes to building a strong foundation for a robust and profitable customer base.

From creating unique ambience scents to stimulate business sales to scent diffusion to enhance staff productivity, these are just some of our innovative services to help you succeed and achieve victory in your business.

Why Use Scent?

Scent enhances customer experience to gain a distinct advantage over competitors.

Scent eliminates existing negative elements and weaknesses in daily operations to increase output efficiency.

No matter what business you are in; whether you are a Corporation, SME or Start-Up; we undertake a detailed evaluation process to provide comprehensive scenting solution services and offer flexible, worry free service packages to suit all your needs.

Our range of services covers everything from the fundamental to inter-relating essential scenting elements.

Scentflow Consultations

To achieve optimal results in scent flow control, we utilise our expansive knowledge and experience to undertake essential site assessments as a prerequisite for effective scent flow consultations at the pre scenting stage.

Once the results are analysed and the solutions implemented, we continuously provide regular monitoring and constant evaluation to ensure all scent dynamics are maintained with precision and efficiency.

Scent Branding Consultations

For businesses planning to build and strengthen their corporate brand identity, we provide scent branding consultations to create the unique scent identity to reflect and compliment corporate vision and values.


We have a wide array of fragrances for air diffusion. If the intention is to gain a greater advantage in strengthening brand identity and image, we also offer further consultation to create original and bespoke corporate brand scents. All our fragrances are guaranteed to be certified and to comply with international industry standards for the safe and stable application of scent in indoor environments.

Aroma Systems

Only latest state of the art aroma systems are used to achieve the most effective scenting results. Our diversified range of aroma systems is capable of scenting any area size and location for your business environment.

Getting You Answers

To achieve the optimum scentflow solution for your business, we investigate and identify detailed, precise information to determine your business’ unique situational needs. We undertake in depth assessments and perform detailed evaluations of your business’ situational needs to uncover invaluable data, which is necessary to help your business implement innovative scenting solutions for brilliant results.

Through our experience and commitment to innovative scenting, we use a highly effective 3 phase flow process that has been tested and proven in providing a holistic approach for determining the best solution options needed to achieve the optimal scentflow outcome for our clients.





Briefing and overview of process

Analyse client position and desirables

Investigate client concerns and study constraints


Site assessment and apply methodology

Present options and feasibility considerations

Finalise level of work engagement prior to execution


Confirmation of deliverables and service offering

Finalise, Install and engage maintenance schedule

Analysis of post installation results and review for upgrades

Our Three Phase Flow Process