Making It Happen

Every customer environment is different in size and with its unique scent properties. The surrounding areas also vary how we assess the results before we determine the options for most effective solution. To determine this, we utilise a wide spectrum of synthetic scents and deploy the appropriate diffuser from our extensive range to the area accountable for scent optimisation.

Applying The Science


Thanks to the millions of smell receptors in a human nose, most of us can distinguish at least one trillion scents. Many of these are likely to be unpleasant malodours. When we smell a malodour, we are not smelling a single scent but hundreds of component odour molecules mixed together to make up a unique odour.

Neutraliser technology is an impressive malodour counteractant. It works by matching a specific malodour and reducing the human perception of that odour and replace it with a desired fragrance.



Fragrance defines and reflects the essence of a business’ corporate image and soul.

Our fragrances are a sophisticated fusion of quality ingredients, specifically designed for diffusion in indoor environments. Our fragrances are inspired by and based on the family of fragrances. The resulting perfume from our blended fragrances produces a fine scent product which can evoke emotions, memories and feelings to entice and influence mind set, perceptions and behaviours.

We consult with businesses to establish their own distinctive and proprietary corporate scent identity / logo. Working in unison with a visual corporate logo, this gives a business’s corporate identity the added edge necessary to compete in todays’ unpredictable commercial environment.

Our perfume of available fragrances can be used to achieve scent marketing objectives and / or to create ambience and atmosphere in a business environment.

We also offer a selection of fragrances for product branding and fragrances for managing commercial malodours.

Our perfumes of fragrances are all in compliance with industry standards for diffusion in indoor environments.

To help create the special experience for customers in your business, we at UniqScent provide scent consultation to match your business’ needs with the perfect complimenting scent.

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Explore the Spectrum of Scent

Our sound knowledge and our expansive network of suppliers enable us to bring you quality fragrances from all corners of the world.

When we expertly combine these ingredients to create a complex and delicate cocktail of scent, the final result is aromatically unique and awesome smells.

Only a person with professional knowledge and a trained nose can achieve the right result. Our scented achievements have always been built from the foundations of the Fragrance Wheel. The Fragrance Wheel is a source of great inspiration for our consultants and clients. The Fragrance Wheel helps in identifying key smells in fragrances and it is also an effective communication bridge frequently helping to reach beyond the articulation of words in describing that elusive scent element.

Right Tool for the Right Job

All our aroma systems use advanced high pressure cold air technology for the diffusion of fragrance oils. The advantages of this technology are :-

• Preserving the quality of fragrance properties and ensuring fragrance are not in any way compromised
• Ensuring stable and constant diffusion of fragrances during the operating process
• The diffusion of dry vapour fragrance into the environment; leaving no residue
• The complete and efficient diffusion of fragrance seamlessly into the environment
• An enduring atomisation of fragrance into the environment resulting in lower consumption of fragrance oil and energy usage

We do not use outdate and unreliable methods of heat evaporation technology or ineffective gel based systems.

Scent Max

Elegant Design
Energy Saving

Scent Box

Durable and Sturdy
Powerful Output

Scent Compact

Compact and Versatile
Quiet and Powerful

Scent Mini

Small and Quiet
Flexibile and Power Usage


Powerful Output
Multiple Intergration

Acorn Aroma

Suitable For Most Places
Designed For Display


High And Low Air Volumes

Walking Aroma


Simply click into each diffuser for more details. Our consultants will advise the best diffuser for your air concerns and prepare a proposal to suit your needs. Call (852) 3563 8459 for your professional and insightful consultancy today.