This strong and durable unit is designed to be integrated with many of today’s state of the art air conditioning systems. The Fan Coil Diffuser system is designed to allow flexible ductwork from each air supply to linear diffusers. It can also operate as a standalone as well as ceiling mount air conditioning units or AHU. An ideal choice for most commercial units and buildings.

size (mm)
· 170(h) 150(w) 200(d)

weight (kg)
· 3 (without fragrance)

· Charcoal grey and silver

· DC12V

· Stand alone, ceiling mount, AHU

· Durable and sturdy
· Intelligent fragrance control
· Intelligent energy saving
· Flexibility in settings to manage fragrance consumption
· Strong output
· Compact design
· Can be installed not only in AHU room but also with ceiling air conditioning units
· Fragrance bottles are internally installed within aroma system
· No fragrance residue in air conditioning pipes